Working on Graphics

Bizee's Slave

I’ve been developing the idea of Bizee Branding for the last three months. Taking it from using to one website which I’d ownded for years. To haveing 6 seperate domain names.

They all tested different ways of designing the website, along with different SEO techniques to find the right model that would work.

Different name/branding options to play with. And when you can buy domains names in many places ( for instance), for under £2 for one year registration you daft not to go for it.

Just to highlight the Joker link IS NOT an affiliate or PAID advert in anyway. I genuinely rate them for Quality of Service (little to no downtime) Customer Service and Price.

Anyway back to the reason for the post. As mentioned I’ve been devloping the Bizee plan for the last three months. After many, many test websites and brand ideas I landed randomly out with my camera just for something to do.

And I took a rather nice photo of a Bee…… and from that second I started to build the finished product idea of the Bizee Branding style, services etc.

And as a final link in one part of that chain, I’ve now settled on the final look and feel of those image and how they fit into the overall website. And below are those final graphics, for this part of the programme. Because anyone serious about their website knows you’re never really ever finished.