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words have POWER, words have MEANING, words can KILL, words can SAVE lives. which do you choose?

The words above should say a lot to anyone that has any experience of the Online World, which is one of the reasons why I write this blog. I have recently experienced some extrmely negative behaviour in the Social Media world. As is fairly self-evident now I am currently in something of a deep slump of depression, like many others one source of somewhere to vent some of the feelings is Facebook.

When you reveal something as personal as that the last response you expect to receive in Messenger Mesages from someone who once claimed to be your “Friend”  along the line of “Just kill yourself already, no body would even notice”.

When you use words to attack someone who is obviously in something of a difficult period in their life all you are showing is that no matter how much you put on the mask in public of being such a rock solid charector, the reality is your probably in a worse Mental State than I am. To actively tell someone to kill themsleves is the act of someone who has no human decency, and we let people like this raise Children.

So that is just one of the reasons I have chosen to use this website to talk about my Mental Health problems. it isn’t about providing entertainment to anyone who may visit the website. It’s a safe outlet that I have complete control over and can use as my personal platform to put my thoughts out there as they happen.

Whilst I may not always make sense I hope that maybe, just maybe one thing I write here will help to stop one more person taking that ultimate step to taking their own life. I have to work hard every day to make sure I don’t let that all consuming desire to no longer exis win. And if whilst battling my own personal demons I can help one other person rather than force one other person closer to the edge, then every second spent on this website, every word written no matter how hard will be worth it.

Thanks to the person that sent that message to me I personally moved a few steps closer to my absolute edge of oblivion and remain teetering on that very edge of just survivng each day.

So, to that person I say …. Take just five minutes to re-read some of your own commenting and gossip spreading, to see the words you use. And then take just 1 second to think what your reaction would be if just one or two of those very same words where sent to your child, partner, husband, wife etc …

Do you still feel powerfull?,
Is it still funny?,
Convinced your words don’t hurt still?,
Positive something you posted today hasn’t pushed someone closer to death?

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