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We all know the joys of Social Media and enjoy the ability to comment on friends posts or get involved in protracted online debates on News stories online (I’ve had many an hour enjoying the fun of Facebook commenting), and we’ve all seen them turn into diatribes of hatred and abuse.

When someone like myself is locked into the darkness of Depression its easy to take comments the wrong way, to see them as being directed at me in a negative way, even though in the most part they are probably made with the best of intentions and to offer help, guidance and support.But, the negativity that fills my thoughts during a Mental Health Crisis makes me only see the down sides of people’s opinions, so I have chosen to keep the comments closed purely as a self protection tool designed to reduce my risk factors and to in turn help to stop me taking that ultimate final step.

Once this particular Crisis period is on it’s way to a resolution I will open the posts up to comments, you can or course drop me an email using the Contact Me page, I do try to respond to your emails, but that again depends very much on how I am managing at the time.

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