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Social Networking: top 5 essentional tips for better social networking when job hunting.

We’ve all read the stories of employers hitting the Google search button on people they are interested in employing and we’ve also read the stories about people being sacked for comments they make on Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Tip 1

Set you Social Network profiles to private meaning ONLY people you approve can read your profile

Tip 2

Don’t accept new friends invitations unless you really KNOW who they are some or someone that does (it could be that next potential employer checking you out)

Tip 3

Go through you Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and any other Social Networking websites you may be using and get your finger on the delete button and start removing any of the following:

Pictures of you drunk from last Friday’s night out (and any other nights out for that matter)

ANY comments you may have made about past/present employers colleagues

ANY references to that one time you tried some weed

ANY comments about what happened at the office Christmas party

If you’ve ever had a moan about how much you DON’T get paid delete it

Tip 4

Have a polite word with your friends and ask them to remove any pictures of you that could have a negative effect on your job hunting, sounds daft but if employers can’t get on to your friends list it doesn’t mean they can’t find out about you through other friends.

Tip 5

Delete friends who are just hangers on and not real friends, they may have re-posted one of your embracing pictures and you haven’t seen it.

These basic tips are designed to show you the types of things that your next potential employer will be looking at when they Google you, you may not think it happens but the reality is it happens every day and not just for the high profile high paid jobs.

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