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I take my Legal Responsibilities seriously and take every resonable step to ensure that the ShaunThomas.uk & ShaunThomas.co.uk (Domains & Website) Comply with all the relevant Laws within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland alongside any applicable Laws within the European Union (Subject to future change), to ensure the Protection of any Personal Data you may share with the website in accordance with those Legal Responsibilities please see Privacy, Cookies and GDPR

Policy Statement(s) for my protection

I also take every possible step to protect my personal Copyright, in additions to the specifics of the Copytight Statement below the ShaunThomas.uk and ShaunThomas.co.uk (Domains & Website) are Copyright Protected and Monitored by DMCA.com. Please read the Copyright Statement for full details.

Policy Statement(s) for Copyright Owners

The ShaunThomas.uk and ShaunThomas.co.uk (Domains & Website) operates in full compliance with the DMCA Copyright Infringement Takedown Policy to ensure this website maintains a trusted reputauion, Please review the DMCA Compliance Statement below or click the DMCA Compliance Badge at the bottom of any page to read the document directly on the DMCA.com website.

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