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Photography – I have a passion for Photography this is where you’ll be able to see some examples of my Photographic work.

The Forgotten 100’s (part 2)

Forgotten – Copyright 2020 – Shaun Thomas if you would like to use this image please emai: 
#photography #mentalhealthphotography
#photography #mentalhealthphotography

10 more of the Forgotten set of 34 Images

As a follow on from the post I made yesterday The Forgotten 100’s here are the next set of ten Pictures as promised. I hope you enjoy these as much as the first 10.

If you would like to use any of these pictures without my Copyright Tag on please click the email link under each image and quote the image number (in GREEN above each image), telling me why you would like to use it and I will consider your request.

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The Forgotten 100’s (part 1)

The Forgoten 100;s - Photography -
#photography #mentalhealthphotography
A rather apt subject matter as I ended this more feeling a part of those forgotten 100’s

Having has an appointment already booked for today to visit the local Mental Helth Team, I knew I was going to walk past the Cemetary and the idea popped into my head of images of a run down grave yard, overgrown and headstones falling to the ground slowly decaying away.

The idea played nicely with the thoughst I’ve been having recently along the lines of how long would it take for the memories of me to fade?

I’d put money on it being a lot sooner than it’s taken the headstones in these pictures to decay this much. Anyway I hope you like

Its also the first time posting images, so please bare with any errors and sweeten that up as I learn what I need to edit in the site scripting as we go along.

The Forgotten…

After clicking read more you can scroll through the pictures and also Click on each image to see the larger saize.

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