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Win Column - Mental Health

Win Column, its not very often we get to celebrate when dealing with our Mental Health. Take the time to celebrate your Winner days.

Last night I nearly died …

Last night I nearly died - - Mental Health
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Last Night was a very difficult night. It started from the second I awoke yesterday morning at 4am, my mind was literally empty other than one single consuming thought that repeated over and over “Today’s the day”. My mind took a direction it had never taken before by 6am I had actually actively planned in my head three ways I could achieve the goal of “today really being the day”.

I’d always considered that should I ever be that close it would purely be a total impulse thing like the last time I attempted suicide.

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I’ll take the first win …

I'll take the first win - - Mental Health
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A win is a win…

As with I suppose many other people in similar situations to myself, yhose currently going through a Mental Health Crisis. One of the things people always try to tell you is “to take every win!” followed by “no matter how small, you can use it to claim some small victory for the rest of the days struggle and focus on it as long as possible” .

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