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Moods and Anger

Moods and Anger are always difficukt ti manage when dealing with your Mental Health. The Mood Swings can be drastic and difficult, but we can get through them.

Why Go On? I ask the question 7 days a week

Why Go On? I ask the question 7 days a week - - Mental Health
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What Question…?

To someone who is in the depths of a Mental Health Crisis the question repeats and repeats and it’s a simple question:

Why go on… I ask myself 7 days a week?

And that’s the question that’s been floating around my head since around 10am today, and its all consuming.  Except today it’s going further than just asking the question. Today I have planned three ways in which I could successfully achieve the goal of finally having some peace inside my mind.

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Drastic, Frustrating Mood Swings

Drastic, Frustrating Mood Swings - - Mental Health
#mentalhealthmatters #ptsd #depression #moodsandanger

More recently one of the biggest problems for me is coping with and managing Drastic Mood Swings. My moods can change from minute to minute, this is an esculation in my current Mental Health State with the mood swings becoming far more pronounced and obvous, I can normally manage slight mood swings and remain fairly evenly balanced.

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