Mental Health an introduction: - Mental Health

Mental Health Issues, three words that conjour up all sorts of different feelings and thoughts within all of us, if you’ve ever said you had no preconceived ideas about someone who says they have Mental Health Issues you’d probably be lying, as with everything in life we all make snap judgements or we base our instant ractions on the ideas that the Press, TV and Movie industries like to portray of the off the wall insane person who is often in need of a padded cell or ready to jump from a building, bridge, take that overdose or slash their wrists.

The reality however is somewhat different. depression can take many forms and dislplay itself in a varied number of ways, and in the most part the way in which it manifests it self can be unique to each individual.

I make no claims to be any kind of expert when it comes to Mental Health, but I am an expert in one particular area of Mental Health and that is my own, with that in mind all my posts related to Mental Health will carry that personal angle and describes the decissions I make in my journey back to that level playing field.

The methods I may describe and the steps I may take may or may not work for me, if those that do work for me also work for you then I shall take heart in knowing that something I write or expereienced has helped someone else on their journey, but please, please don’t take any of the suggestions or pathways I may take as advice/guidance in anyway, we all have to make or own Mental Health Journey and find what works for us, but that extra suggestion or helping hand along the way can sometimes make a difference.

I hope you follow me on my journey back from a Mental Health Crisis to managable stability.

Mental Health - An introduction
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