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A win is a win…

As with I suppose many other people in similar situations to myself, yhose currently going through a Mental Health Crisis. One of the things people always try to tell you is “to take every win!” followed by “no matter how small, you can use it to claim some small victory for the rest of the days struggle and focus on it as long as possible” .

And yet no matter how many times I’ve heard it before and no matter how many times I’ll hear it in the future, when the words are passing through your brain, when the last thing you can see in any part of your future is a win, not even the smallest speck of one, then the only response you can offer people is “yes, thank you”.

Because you know it would be an all but impossible task to explain how its not possibly going to happen, because that’s exactly what you brain is telling you.

It isn’t until the moment when one of those previously thought impossible “little wins” that you register the times people have said it to you, and your mind smiles (followed by the face) and says “Oh yeah, I get it now, this is how that felt”, and you suddenly want to thank those freinds rather than tell them to shut up.

So, it happened today, that feeling of YES! I’ll take that one. And in the grand scheme of things it is one of those small vistories, but it counts.

I finally got around to partially rewiring the living room and running a hole through the walls to get the CAT5/6 Network running through to the bedroom. (for the non Geeky/Nerd types, that’s the bit the Magic Pixies do to make the Netflix and Youtube work – you understand now Mother? lol), at least everyone’s with me there (he hopes lol) – well anyway, I have been promising myself I would get around to it for six years (drilling the holes that is), so I finally got it done on a spur of the moment thing a few days ago, and today the room has finally been placed where I envisioned it working six years ago, and maintained the integrity of my internal network without a single error, for me that’s a first, I normally have to call in the Ex Husband (also my best friend and resident Tech Nerd), but this time nope.

It’s a WIN!, I’ll take it.

I suppose I should clarify here, above it says Ex Husband, which would obviously imply that I could somehow be Gay, well stop it, it was one of those favour for a mate who needed a Visa things (all the straight blokes do it right?) – it just lasted 12 years lol.

So, yes, anyway, I’m one of them Gays … moving on to somethings that makes a difference.

I'll take the first win - ShaunThomas.uk - Mental Health
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