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Today anger bubbles under the surface

Today anger bubbles under the surface - ShaunThomas.uk - Mental Health
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I can feel the anger rising

Today I have just slowly felt the anger rising within me, at first I wans’t sure what was going on as I had no particular reason to feel anger. Most of the targets I have set myself today have been acheived, mostly working on websites, but in general nothing has happened to spark any particular feelings of anger.

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Drastic, Frustrating Mood Swings

Drastic, Frustrating Mood Swings - ShaunThomas.uk - Mental Health
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More recently one of the biggest problems for me is coping with and managing Drastic Mood Swings. My moods can change from minute to minute, this is an esculation in my current Mental Health State with the mood swings becoming far more pronounced and obvous, I can normally manage slight mood swings and remain fairly evenly balanced.

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