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I’ve tried… Its not going well… I’m failing…

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I've tried... Its not going well... I'm failing... - ShaunThomas.uk - Mental Health

I’ve tried so hard to just keep going and to just get through another day. Its difficult to write about anything when your your mind is balancing on a very thin rope and walking it is becoming more and more difficult by the day. I woke this morning with a stealy determination, but sadly not my normal determination to get through another day.

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Today anger bubbles under the surface

Today anger bubbles under the surface - ShaunThomas.uk - Mental Health
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I can feel the anger rising

Today I have just slowly felt the anger rising within me, at first I wans’t sure what was going on as I had no particular reason to feel anger. Most of the targets I have set myself today have been acheived, mostly working on websites, but in general nothing has happened to spark any particular feelings of anger.

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