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Depression: 6 months in, I’m still in the starting blocks

Depression: 6 months in, I'm still in the starting blocks - Latest News from ShaunThomas.uk
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Six months on

I first went back to my Doctors to ask about returning to medication for Depression as I had spotted the early signs of its return about 6 months ago. I didn’t go straight to the doctor on day one of spotting the signs. I first followed my normal thing of stepping up my own methods of identifying the cause for the feelings and solving whatever the problem is myself.

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Insomnia: and its 8 surprising effects on your brain

Insomnia: and its 8 surprising effects on your brain - Lates News from ShaunThomas.uk
#mentalhealthmatters #ptsd #depression #insomnia

Insomnia is becoming more of an issue of late during the last six months (the current length of time this period of Depression has been active), I have regular periods of Insomnia the average length of time I go without sleep is four to five days. Although the odd one of those days may include an hour knap, the longest period has been a run of nine days.

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