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So, I’ve been quiet for a few days. taking some time out for some quiet reflection. I’ve also been working on writing a post that in reality may well never be published, in fact its a pretty fair certainty that it won’t.

The reason the writing of the post came about was a simple conversation with my Doctor the other day and something she said made me do a fair amount of research and a stark realisation happened. Unfortunately its not something I see myself being able to discuss openly any time soon.

Whilst its unlikely I’ll ever discuss it on this site, it is something I’m working on now with all the necessary people, so it’s not something I’m going to ignore, just something that needs to be worked on privately and over a period of time.

It may sound all very mysterious or odd, but the reality is, this is something that me and my messed up mind have to find a way work on and hopefully the rational more logical me will win through and return to something closer to my normal self, or it will be the moment the final break happens. But either way its something that needs to be done.

Wish me luck.

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