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Hello, here I am again… it’s been 3 years since I really took any notice of this website, the main reason being that life gets in the way, but more on that shortly. Those of you that have previously visited the site may remember it used to display my Photohraphic work. The last posting I made on the old site was about my parents wedding after 40+ years together, shortly after that my dad sadly died of Cancer and my outlook on life changed and maybe not always for the better, so the site took a backseat whilst I concentrated on other things.

Let’s talk about Mental Health…

This time around the site is going to take on more of a deeply personal feel, I have lived with bouts of Depression on and off since early teenage years, that was when Medical Science wasn’t yet aware of just how important it is to properly manage your Mental Health, back then (the 80’s) it was “your feeling sad, smile and crack on with it and for years I did just that, I cracked on, not understanding that ignoring my Mental Health was quiet possibly the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. At this point the focus of the site is on Mental Health in particular my Mental Health, the posts I write will in the most part be personal to me, I will also be adding content from other Mental Health related blogs and specialist advice from specialist service providers to provide you an insight into my Mental Health journey of recovery, and if you are going through similar issues yourself maybe, just maybe something I write here may just help you on your recovery journey.

What else?…

My specialist areas of knowledge (working life) are focused on Recruitment, Training, Employability and Skills and running a Careers Advice and CV Writing Consultancy I have developed an expansive knowledge base within the Recruitment and Employability and Skills Sectors in particular over the last 20+ years, which means you can expect to see plenty of articles related to CV Writing, Recruitment and Caeers, I hope one or two of my posts in the Careers Advice Section will help you achieve the next step in your career journey (and better still, it will all be FREE advice, I’m not selling you ANY service). Besides all the stuff about my sometimes mashed brain and all the free Careers Advice and CV Writing Tips I’ll again be using this site to display some of my favourite Photography, I am currently developing a Professional Phtography business which you’ll be able to follow the progress of via this site. On  top of that I’ll also be using the site to talk about a few of my other interests and passions, including Cooking, Politics and Formula One.

Thank you…

for reading this far, something must have peaked your interest, let’s hoped its peaked enough to come back and watch as the site builds and maybe when I add more visitior interaction you may even get involved in commenting on the subjects I write about.

Enjoy. - Digital Signature
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